digiprime sent: Nothing.. at least I think it's nothing, maybe I'm just being paranoid. How are you?

:/ I’m doing okay.


if only our legs could look this sexy all time am i right ladies??????????????????????????? ladies am i right 

I love this picture.. a traditional fanart of Alucard, son of Dracula (CastleVania)

Just randomly found this online, would be awesome if there was an actual LoK game.

Animal crossing is rad

North America Getting Ni No Kuni’s “Wizard Edition”
Europe was confirmed for the special edition, and now Bandai Namco have confirmed that it will reach North American shores as well. It comes with a Drippy plush doll, exclusive downloadable familiars to use in your party, and a hardcover art book of The Wizard’s Companion Book. It’s over 300 pages and it’s actually the same tome used in the game for your spells and familiars!
You can pre-order the edition exclusively at ClubNamco, where it will be available in January 2013 for $100.

anyone see the new oreo covers?